(Re)collection of Tales

A fourth year thesis. Experimenting with photo manipulation to mimic the fragments and memory that we experience when we try to recall events and encounters with ones who have passed. Along with collecting photographs, the stories of each subject were recorded and translated to three different books. Each book hand bound differently to reflect the subject.

Sting of a Bee A story that records the many events that a daughter remembers spending with her father. The book, at first glance, is black and white, but much like memory, stories have many layers. The book is french folded and corrugated for the reader to rip. Thereby revealing a colourful kaleidoscope page with along with a secondary story.

Death of a King Tells a story of a generous man, who went from rags to riches, and helped his community in many ways. Told in the point of view of his daughter.

Goodnight & Goodbye An accordion style book that records the energy and feeling of the deceased, told in the point of view of the grand-daughter, it dissects the dreams and feelings in each panel.


Thesis Process Book A hand bound book, documenting the process of an entire thesis year.